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Newspaper Publications

Many of these articles come from the “On the Homefront” publication series.

Date Title Publication  Topics
2/20/15 “A lasting view of love from the far side” Portsmouth Herald Couples/Aging
10/23/14 “Learning to be ‘good enough’ ” Portsmouth Herald Self -Acceptance
6/28/14 “Humbling Moments While in Italy” Portsmouth Herald Travel and disappointment
3/1/14 The importance of honesty in relationships Portsmouth Herald Honesty
10/27/13 A glimpse at the power of kindness Portsmouth Herald Kindness
6/29/13 How important is competition Portsmouth Herald Competition
3/1/13 What is love to most of us Portsmouth Herald Love
11/7/12 Can we be there through ‘sickness and health?’ Portsmouth Herald Marriage, Commitment
6/12/12 On dignity and humility Portsmouth Herald Character, Strength
2/23/12 Willpower and the midnight scavenger Portsmouth Herald Willpower
11/1/11 Yours, mine and ours- At home with the in-laws Portsmouth Herald In-law relationships
5/16/11 Facebook versus face-to-face Portsmouth Herald Communication
2/1/11 Make serenity work for you Portsmouth Herald Serenity
9/20/10 The courage to embrace a meaningful life Portsmouth Herald Embracing Life
5/24/10 Go ‘green’ in relationships with empathy Portsmouth Herald Relationships, Empathy
1/28/10 Taking the plunge Portsmouth Herald Personal Strength
9/21/09 Being mother of the bride brings new role Portsmouth Herald Mother/Daughter Relationships
6/15/09 Mutual R-E-S-P-E-C-T Portsmouth Herald Respect, Relationships
1/19/09 Defining, and developing family resilience Portsmouth Herald Resilience, Family
9/9//08 How does hope affect and help us?’ The Hampton Union Hope
5/13/08 Life after cancer for couples The Hampton Union Cancer, Couple Relations
1/1/08 Engaged (in a $72B industry) The Hampton Union Relationships, Current times
9/11/07 ‘Affairs of the heart’ Part 1 & Part 2 The Hampton Union Affairs, Marriage
5/8/07 ‘Study abroad challenges college students’ Part 1 & Part 2 The Hampton Union College Students, Study Abroad
3/13/07 Helping patients live through cancer The Hampton Union Cancer, Personal Strength
1/9/07 The quilt maker The Hampton Union Altruism
10/10/06 Emotions are key part of treatment The Hampton Union Emotions, Growth
5/23/06 ‘Transitions can be bumpy at best’ Part 1 & Part 2 The Hampton Union Transitions
7/21/06 ‘Getting your student ready to enter college’ Part 1 & Part 2 The Hampton Union College Students, Parents, Relationships
3/24/06 ‘Selfish or selfless: Are we bringing up our children to be altruistic? Part 1 & Part 2 The Hampton Union Altruism
9/18/07 ‘Couples to lean on’ The Hampton Union  Couples